These are purpose-built servers for telecommunications, embedded industrial, public sector, cloud, and on-premises infrastructures. Oracle is the only major vendor to provide a complete, carrier-grade, rackmount server product line.

  These allow you to deploy mission-critical applications on a modern enterprise infrastructure to achieve exceptional performance and scalability for any type of workload. These powerful servers let you modernize your infrastructure and pave a clear path to the cloud. By providing the flexibility of different deployment models; on premises, private cloud and public cloud you get an exact match of technology no matter how you chose to deploy them.
Improve throughput. Coengineered hardware and software deliver breakthrough performance to accelerate enterprise-computing tasks.
Mitigate threats. Protect your critical data with built-in data encryption, application memory protection, compliance auditing, and other standard security features.
Freedom of Choice. Oracle servers are available in any deployment model you need; on premises, private cloud and public cloud and is the same technology used to run Oracle’s public cloud solution.
Simplify management. Leverage your existing application and database investments while simplifying administration and accelerating service delivery.



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